What should we do if the diesel generator fails to generate electricity?

The main function of the diesel generator is to serve as a backup power supply. When we need to use the diesel generator, it does not generate electricity, which is very worrying. What are the reasons for the failure of the diesel generator to generate electricity? Let’s summarize some common situations:

  1. There is oil sludge or oxide on the connector between the stator winding and the generator distribution equipment, the connection screw is loose, the connecting wire is broken, and the stator winding is broken.
    Treatment method: use multimeter or lamp test method to find out the broken line. Check the connection and contact of all wiring screws
  2. The speed is too low.
    Treatment method: measure the speed and keep it at rated value.
  3. The excitation circuit is broken or in poor contact.
    Treatment method: use a multimeter to find out the broken wire, and re weld and bind the broken wire for insulation.
  4. The rectifier tube (including rectifier diode and thyristor) is damaged.
    Handling method: replace the damaged components.
  5. Wiring error.


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