How to operate the start-up and shutdown of Cummins diesel generator set respectively?

The cylinder body of Cummins diesel generator set is designed to be firm and durable, with low vibration and noise; In line six cylinder four stroke, stable operation, high efficiency; Replace wet cylinder liner, with long service life and convenient maintenance; Two cylinders, one cover, four valves per cylinder, full air intake, forced water cooling, low heat radiation, excellent performance. How to start and stop Cummins diesel generator set? Now let’s introduce.

When Cummins generator set is started manually, make sure that the emergency stop button has been reset. Put the manual key of the controller to the manual position, press the start key to wait for the indicator above the start key to light up, that is, release it. At this time, the diesel engine will start automatically for three times until it starts. If the Cummins generator set cannot be started, the controller will display “starting failure”, and the indicator light will light up the fault light on the panel. If this happens, find out the reason.

If the non fuel gas accumulated in the smoke exhaust pipe is explosive due to repeated unsuccessful starting, please remove the connector or pipe of the exhaust pipe before trying to start again to let the white smoke oil gas dissipate, and find out the failure of starting, and then reinstall the exhaust pipe before trying to start again.

Manual shutdown of Cummins generator set: first, turn off (pull down) the output circuit breaker of AC motor respectively, the machine has no load, and then let the motor idle for several minutes to cool down. Press the emergency stop button again or press the red button on the controller to stop the generator. If it is necessary to stop the machine immediately in some emergency situations, press the emergency stop button without cutting off the load.

The above content introduces how to start and stop Cummins diesel generator sets respectively. After several Cummins generator sets are connected, a large power generator set will supply power to the load. You can decide how many generators to open according to the load (the generator sets consume the least oil under 75% of the rated load), so as to save diesel oil and reduce the cost of generator sets. Especially with the continuous development of economy, energy is becoming more and more tight, and saving diesel has become very important.


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